Cracked rec: Sheepehs, Clouds, Puffs, and Fluffs by [profile] keep_waking_up

Nov. 17th, 2015 07:17 pm
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Title: Sheepehs, Clouds, Puffs, and Fluffs
Author/Artist: [ profile] keep_waking_up
Status of work: completed
Characters and/or pairings: JDM/JP
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents: werelion!Jared, fluff, outsider (sheep) POV, age difference
Wordcount: 3019
Summary: Even with a mate, Jeff still has to hunt.  That doesn’t mean Jared’s happy about it.

Reccer's notes: Alway a great writer [ profile] keep_waking_up gifts us with a particularly lovely piece here. It starts with JDM, a bit at his wits end coping with his new and overly exuberant (as only Jared could be) werelion mate. [ profile] keep_waking_up spins this tale with a particularly deft hand and the tone is pitch perfect in its portray of kindly, and a little overwrought JDM. The shift to the Morgan sheeps POV was wonderfuly unexpected and brilliantly handled. She manages to easily capture all the enthusiasm and innocent charm of Jared the werelion as he struggles with a new language and culture, all the while imparting his absolute adoration of his mate. A charming, delightful story, beautifully crafted. You should go read.

Note: This is the second story in the series but it was so much fun dropping in in the middle. The first fic that kicked off this story is here: The Fluff Hunter.


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