Kettle of Trouble – Take II [community profile] j2_crack Halloween Comment-Meme

Sep. 30th, 2014 07:32 pm
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It's coming up on Halloween again and time to dust off the old caldron and open the Kettle of Trouble Halloween Meme — Take II here at [ profile] j2_crack! We had some amazing fills last year, so, time to take up the torch, give us a prompt, or create something in fic, art, or vid, to celebrate Jared and Jensen and the trouble they can get up this Halloween.
And help spread the word – pimping banners below. We need to get the word out so folks will get their Boo On!
Use of J2 art donated by Demachi

The Rules:

1) Comment to this post with any and all prompts for Kettle of Trouble. You want spells, witches, invisibility, tattoos from dusty books, herbal drinks with weird kickback, disastrous results from reading your lines aloud backwards, ancient objects you should never have touched, (and definitely never inserted) all with a Halloween twist? This is your meme! Channel all your ghoulish feels and crack on! Prompts can be kinky, porny, or gen, and other characters are welcome as long as the prompt includes at least Jared or Jensen.

2) Fill those prompts with fic or art or vid! Writers and artists, you don't have to follow the prompt to the letter, but try to help the prompter go home happy. More than one fill to a prompt is welcome.

3) For PROMPTS: Please list your pairing and any kinks when prompting, prompt as many times as you want, one prompt per comment.

WHEN FILLING IN: Please put "Filled" in the subject line along with a title for your fill. Linking to your own journal for fills is fine, but it would be preferred if you post both HERE and on your own journal. If it is a long fic. Do a [ profile] j2_crack posting and link to it.
It just makes the meme page more exciting. But crack anywhere, anytime is fine.

4) And have fun doing it! It is [ profile] j2_crack after all

5) Tell all your friends! And family or not

6) And spread the love. If needed we can provide a spell.

Anonymous commenting is on, but will go through moderation, IP logging is off. And PM me if I've messed anything up!
A list of fills will be assembled as they happen.

Pimping Banners.
Code courtesty of [ profile] digitic who came to our rescue. Thanks so much!

350 pixel J2

500 pixel Jensen

500 Pixel jared

500 pixel J2

500 pixel J2

[ Free pimping Icon for the taking ]
Kettle-of-Trouble-jensen-icon Kettle-of-Trouble-Jared-icon Kettle-of-Trouble-J2

Now Get cracking!

Our art fill!
NSFW doodle 'On Halloween all of Jensen's sex toys get cursed' by siennavie

Thanks to everyone who participated this year. We may have only had a few fills, but they were all awesome quality!!!! GO READ/LOOK AT THEM if you haven't yet.

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